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Bye Bye Bruce Variety

Bethesda Institution, Bruce Variety closed its doors Sunday. It’s been located in the Bradley Boulevard Shopping Center on Arlington Road for as long as most people can remember. It is difficult to imagine any single store that could fill the place of Bruce Variety in the community. Bruce offered a little bit of everything you can imagine.

It's Winter. Should I wait until Spring to start my Home Search?

It’s winter and inventory is low. Should I wait until spring to start my home search? Absolutely Not! It’s true that inventory is low at this time of year, but within that small number of listings could be your dream home. To read the full article, click here...

2013 Color Predictions

Writing on her personal blog, BuyBethesdaCondos' Bettina Stern has a good time musing about new interior spaces based on Pantone's Spring 2013 Fashion color predictions. Check it out for some home design inspiration.

Eating Lunch in Bethesda - Taylor Gourmet Deli

One of the best things about working in downtown Bethesda is the wide range of lunch options that are available without getting in your car. I have tried a lot of different places, but believe me there is always something new. We will try to start bringing you reviews of some of the places we frequent for lunch. To start it off, I am reviewing Taylor Gourmet Deli.

Important Step in Buying a Condo - Reviewing the Condo Documents

Although most buyers would love to see these documents before making a decision to purchase a condo, there are some logistical and financial reasons why these documents come to the buyer after they ratify a contract. In Bethesda, the buyer then has 7 calendar days to review the documents and void the contract if the documents make the property unappealing to the buyer. For example, if there are bylaws that the buyer does not want to obey, or if the association has a very low reserve fund for future repairs and a history of issuing large assessments to its unit owners. Launches with a Little Urb (Herb) in the Burb

We officially launched our BuyBethesdaCondos website Friday with an herb giveaway around Bethesda to tie in with our tagline: When you want a little urb with your burb. So if you saw someone walking around with a rosemary plant with a purple tag, that was us! We used the giveaway to let people to know that is the place to go for the straight dope on condos and their neighborhoods. We also want people who have an opinion about a Bethesda condo to log on and share that information.

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We have taken the time to make available to you, the information most buyers seek when they are purchasing a home. We hope that you find the site useful. Leaving feedback about the condos you visit can really help others in their search for a Bethesda condo. So, if you want a little urb with your burb...take a look and enjoy.

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