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Eating Lunch in Bethesda - Taylor Gourmet Deli

One of the best things about working in downtown Bethesda is the wide range of lunch options that are available without getting in your car. I have tried a lot of different places, but believe me there is always something new. We will try to start bringing you reviews of some of the places we frequent for lunch. To start it off, I am reviewing Taylor Gourmet Deli.

When Taylor first opened in Bethesda, I was very interested in giving it a try. It had an industrial look with open-air walls and buckets hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone and every time I went there, the line was too long for me to grab something quick and go back to the office. And it wasn't just one line, there are two lines. One to order and then one to pick-up. I eventually tried it out and the first thing I noticed was that the bread used for the sandwiches was great. Once in awhile I would go over and grab a cold sandwich and they were good, but I wasn't raving about it to anyone.

Then it happened.

I tried their hot sandwiches.

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